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The Central LHIN would like to add a News Item to the TIPS page. I was not sure how to go about doing that. I have included my article below. Please let me know if and when you can post. Thank you.


Title: Change Day Ontario –Driving positive change in health care


Change Day Ontario is a part of a growing global movement that empowers individuals and teams to make small actions to collectively bring positive change to the health system.


You too can join the movement through your participation in Change Day Ontario. The power of the program is in the people behind it and we’re looking for people like you to join the movement. 


What is a pledge and who can make one? 

Anyone engaged within the health sector is invited to participate by making a pledge.


The pledge, and how it comes to life, is completely up to the individual. It can be anything from spending an hour in an ICU bed to gain insight into a patient experience to taking 15 minutes a week to shadow a colleague to better understand their role.


Why participate in Change Day Ontario?

Change Day Ontario provides an opportunity to encourage people with first-hand experience to drive the change they want to see in the health sector. By making a pledge, you have the opportunity to drive this change and bring a positive change to health care.


Sign up at to become an Ambassador to help lead this change and support individuals as they work to improve the patient experience, teamwork and overall happiness. Ambassadors are an integral part of making Change Day Ontario a success and supporting improvement within the health system across Ontario.  Ambassador resources are available at


For more information about the Change Day campaign, and to make your pledge, please


The difference is you!

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  • August 08, 2019 2:04 PM | Anonymous

    RICHMOND HILL - With more than 240,000 Ontario seniors estimated to be living with some form of dementia today, being able to locate seniors in the first 24 hours after they go missing is crucial to saving lives.

    Ontario is putting the safety of seniors first by providing police officers with more tools they need to respond quickly and effectively to missing persons investigations.

    "Every minute counts when a senior goes missing to help keep them safe. This is another example of how our government is putting seniors and their families first by providing essential frontline services new tools to help find our missing loved ones faster," said Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility. "We are protecting what matters most to help seniors live independently in their communities, while also helping to ensure they are safe."

    The Missing Persons Act, proclaimed by the government on July 1, 2019, provides police with three additional tools to use when there is no evidence a crime has been committed. These tools will allow police to:

    • Obtain copies of records that may assist in a search;
    • Obtain a search warrant to enter a premise to locate a missing person; and 
    • Make an urgent demand for certain records without a court order.

    The Act also includes guidelines on what information police may disclose about a missing person before and after they have been located.

    Previously, when a person went missing without evidence of criminal activity, police were limited in the ways they could investigate. With this legislation, police can now respond to missing persons investigations quicker, while balancing concerns for an individual's privacy.

    "Police and family members tell us that the first hours after someone goes missing are the most critical," said Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General. "That's why we're providing our frontline heroes with more tools to quickly find our loved ones."

    Quick Facts

    • Fifty per cent of those who go missing for 24 hours or more risk serious injury or even death.
    • Sixty per cent of people living with dementia will go missing at some point, often without warning.
    • There is no requirement to wait 24 hours to report someone missing in Ontario.
    • Nearly 7,500 people were reported missing in Ontario in 2018.

    Additional Resources

    Link to full article

  • January 14, 2019 2:46 PM | Anonymous

  • October 22, 2018 11:57 AM | Anonymous

  • October 10, 2018 7:49 PM | Anonymous

    Health Forum hosted by The Integrated Partnership for Seniors,  Mackenzie Health Hospital & Health Links Western York Region:

    • Western York Region Health Links – Mackenzie Health – Judy Smith
    • Delmanor Elgin Mills
    • Bedford Medical Alert
    • Qualicare Vaughan
    • Four Elms Retirement Residence (Verve)
    • Salus Hearing Centre
    • Seniors for Seniors
    • 1to1 Rehab
    • Memory and Company – Memory Health Club & Respite
    • Brookside Court & Hilltop Place (Revera)
    • Central LHIN
    • Home Instead Senior Care – Vaughan
    • Mosaic Home Care Services & Community Resource Centre
    • Alzheimer Society York Region
    • Retire at Home
    • Memories + Adult Day Program and Wellness Centre

  • October 04, 2018 8:41 AM | Anonymous

    TIPS with community partners showcasing the services they provide in York Region 

    (left to right)

    Mary (Bedford Medical), Ashley (Memory & Company), Stacey (Alzheimer Society York Region), Linda (Chartwell Alexander Muir), Debra (1to1 Rehab), Preeti (Home Instead Senior Care), Kyle (Delamanor Elgin Mills), Yvonne Appleby-Clark (Southlake Regional Health Centre), Olivia (Memories+ Adult Program & Wellness Centre, Susan Steels (Southlake Regional Health Centre, Harvey (Retire-At-Home Services)

    A full day of networking with Southlake Regional staff, clinics and patients.

  • September 17, 2018 8:13 AM | Anonymous

    Please click here to view the e-Newsletter

  • October 17, 2017 9:48 AM | Anonymous

    If a bank account has been dormant for 10 years, the balance is turned over to the Bank of Canada.  To find out if you have missing money, go to the Bank of Canada website, search for unclaimed balances and type in your name.


    How to make a claim can be found here -


    The actual search site is -


    Heather Freed, CFP®, CLU, CHS

    Group Benefits, Insurance, Estate & Financial Planning

    FAX: 1-888-446-3364

  • February 20, 2017 5:38 PM | Anonymous

    Canadian Blood Services is a non-profit, charitable organization whose sole mission is to manage the blood and blood products supply for Canadians.

    As a non-profit  organization, we are responsible for utilizing each health dollar spent on blood collection in the most efficient was possible.  We track the use of blood and we’ve become more efficient at how we collect blood, allowing us to concentrate our collections on busier centres and times of day. 

    Donors from Richmond Hill are needed to ensure are hospital patients get the blood and blood products they need when they need them.  

    Please donate at Hillcrest Mall on Tuesdays & Thursdays between 4:00pm - 8:00pm, and on Fridays & Saturdays between 8:00am - 1:00pm.

    Here's my ask: we are looking for donors that could help us out during that 1st hour on Fridays until we build the regular donor base.  An extra hour means we need to collect more blood on Fridays, in preparation for the weekend demand (especially important around holiday weekends)

    So, how ‘bout it?  Would you like to Save A Life before work on a Friday?  If you haven’t donated in a while, now is the time.  I’m looking for groups of 3 (or more) willing to Give Someone Their Summer – did you know – it can take up to 50 blood donors to save 1 car accident victim?

    Click here for more information...

  • March 02, 2016 2:13 PM | Anonymous

    The Alzheimer Society of York Region (AS York) is pleased to offer the Next Steps for Family Caregiver educational opportunity. The Next Steps Education Series for Families and Friends is a series created to educate and support family caregivers and loved ones of a person with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia.  The series is scheduled over four separate sessions with specific topics related to caregiving, such as Adapting to Brain Changes, covered each week. The Next Steps Education Series for Families and Friends is geared towards those who are informal caregivers and/or supporting a caregiver and is not meant as training for professional/paid caregivers.


    This learning opportunity is FREE.  We only ask that people call ahead to register as space is limited.


    AS York is running this series monthly at various locations around York Region.  We can also run the program at your location; please contact Stacey Mendonca for more details.  


    To register for an upcoming event or if you want AS York to host a series, please contact Stacey Mendonca, Public Education Coordinator for AS York at 905-726-3477 or email

  • January 14, 2015 2:49 PM | Anonymous

    It's important that the places we call home are healthy environments, for ourselves and our visitors.

    Risks to health can occur in any home through environmental factors from nature itself, products we use, the air we breathe, or sometimes from the food we eat, or the water we drink. 


    Click here for more information

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