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Operating Procedures

1. Meetings  

  • Will be held not less than monthly with the exception of December, July and August.  
  • Meetings will be held on the last Tuesday of each month for TIPS York Region, the 2nd Tuesday for TIPS North York  Upcoming dates will be confirmed at the end of each meeting.
  • Annual General Meeting will be held in June.

2. Co-Chairs

  • The co-chair positions are voluntary and should have a minimum of six (6) representatives in alternate years.
  • In the event of excess number of volunteers, a nomination list will be presented to membership for a vote.
  • The Co-Chairs will:
  1. Set the agenda for meetings
  2. Remind the membership of upcoming meetings – not less than 10 days before the meeting.
  3. Schedule speakers.

3. Reporting Mechanism

  • Members of the Committee will rotate alphabetically from the list to cover taking minutes of the meetings and will be responsible for emailing to the committee prior to the next meeting.
  • The minutes will be kept in a master file with a Co-chair.
  • The membership will be made aware of topics to be discussed prior to the next meeting.
  • Agenda items may be added by the membership up to the beginning of the next meeting.

4. Committees

  • All members are required to actively participate in the planning and execution of TIPS events.
  • Tasks include: 
  • Health Fair & Event Sourcing
  • Event Set-up/Take down
  • Food & Door prize contribution

Review of Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference will be reviewed/revised annually in June of each year at the annual meeting. Should it be noted that submissions for revision must be forwarded to the co-chairs via the gmail account at least one month prior to the June meeting.

Attendance: Only members in good standings will be invited to participate in TIPS events.
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